Sea Fishing Tips For Beginners

deep sea fishing

These sea fishing tips are tried and tested and have been very kindly provided via an interview with experienced skipper Brian from Deep sea fishing gold coast

Depending on what kind of sea fishing you plan to do, following these tips should help in pulling in the big ones. The bait, the tackle, and the timing of ocean fishing have all in the world to do with catching deep sea fish.

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Make sure the rod isn’t made cheap bar metal. The restaurant you choose needs to be saltwater resistant and sturdy. Remember that the ocean provides fish a lot more time and distance to pull. Make sure you pick the right line because some ocean fish do have a bite, and teeth to go with it and severing a fisherman’s line would be no problem.

The bait and strength of line you’ll use in ocean fishing depends on what kind of fish you want to catch. If you want to get a White Sea Bass, try squid on the line, or if you would rather have Calico Bass, you’ll need a chum line with the cut or live bait. If you out there want to catch a few Sheephead, use shrimp or live bait and make you have at least a 20 test line because Sheephead is toothy. Barracudas are another fish with a bite and like anchovies and other small fish.

Albacore Tuna are a favorite fish for catching and eating. You would need at least a 30-pound test line for Albacore, and anchovies or sardines are a choice bait. Another popular fish in ocean fishing is the Lingcod. These are fish with a mouth full of teeth, too, and eat shrimp, crabs, and mollusks. Lures that are silver and shiny work well for these fish, but shrimp works well, too.

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