GPS Vs Laser Rangefinders – The Great Golf Debate!

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The following outlines the benefits of both golf GPS and laser rangefinders, exemplifying their assistance. Regardless of which type of yardage tool you use, they can give you an accurate meter reading of distance, but they follow various design concepts that can be both good and bad.

How a Rangefinder Works

As compared to GPS, range finders are different animals. Range finders are optical devices which are fundamentally a hybrid between a laser gun, such as the ones used by highway patrol to evaluate the speed of a driver, and a set of binoculars. The optical system, just like a rifle scope, enables you to lock onto an place that you want to measure the yardage for (for example a bunker in front of the green). The range finder beams a ‘safe for the eyes’ laser on your place while measuring the time that it takes for the laser of the rangefinder to bounce off your target and reflect back over to the rangefinder. The system counts at this delay between firing and returning to measure the distance.


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Learning How a Golf GPS Unit Functions

Simply put, golf GPS units just use the same satellite based mapping device. It transmits with positioning satellites in orbit to get an accurate assessment of where you are on the globe and then it uses previous objects on the course to provide you an precise measurement of the yardage from yourself to other significant locations near you.

Some of the Advantages of Golf GPS Systems

You don’t need to aim a device at your target area to get an accurate reading. The GPS can work at measuring yardages for targets which hidden from view to you, such as places behind elevated green or places you can’t see because of a tree. Also, you don’t have to have a perfectly steady hand or accurate eye to need to aim a GPS unit like you have to with a range finder.

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Some Advantages of Laser Range Finders for Golfers

You’ll be able to zoom up to 7x closer with current range finder models. This will not only aid you for when you are measuring your object with the laser, but also for spotting subtleties in the landing areas.

If there’s some obstacle you would rather avoid far away that’s too far to see just by yourself, but you want to miss, a rangefinder can allow you to take a closer look. If you use a rangefinder a rangefinder you will be able to easily spot it and then play safely to the other side of the green – giving you the option of a more makeable putt. Another advantage to consider is the rangefinder can also be used on the driving range when you want to determine how far you hit with all of your irons and fairway woods.

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