League of Legends E-Sports Online – $1 million Prize Pools


The League of Legends Grand Finale Arena

Some of the best sports out there with long historical history are physical games such as basketball, soccer (football for Europeans), baseball, rugby and more.

Traditionally they have turned over huge sponsorship deals, gate receipts, merchandise business and franchises all helping to pay for the team income. Now there are online games that conjure up sponsorship deals, crowds in arenas and huge prize pools for the professionals that play the games – one of the most popular now is League of Legends.

According to the news page on https://lolboost.net website, the new Season 6 for League of Legends is about to end.

What does this mean?

It means there is another huge prize pool up for grabs. In Season 5 the winning team won $1 million in prize money. This year the famous ELO e-sport is expected to pay the winning team far more.

The teams consist of 5 players, 1 sub and a coach. They have their own contracts that divvies up the winning amounts. Now $1 million in terms of large sports is not the largest amount of cash out there. Nonetheless, if we consider that this is an online fighting game, then $1 million is huge.

What is League of Legends?

It is an e-sport strategy/fighting game whereby 2 teams of 5 fight it out on a preset map with 3 lanes with the aim to destroy each other’s base.

Each team player is controlled by an individual. As you can imagine, you have to rely on your team mates a lot and their ability to work with you. Each player has over 130 characters to choose from known as Champions. Every Champion has individual qualities such as magic, strength or agility. Some are support Champions that heal Champions that are built for fighting.

There is a lot more to it than this. I mean the way you pick the teams, Champions and tactics can make or break a game.

A Career in Fighting Games

Many of the pro League of Legend players never dreamt that they would be superstar online gamers known to a huge following of millions of fans worldwide.

This is yet alone to us as individuals ever guessing that a computer game would became a sport – or at least an e-sport as it is known today.

These teams are now making a very tidy living from the game. Furthermore, this is not the only online computer game of its type to conjure up such a huge amount of money to dished out.

This year Dota 2 (another e-sport game), a game very similar to League of Legends. The winners of this game, which by and large is a replica of League of Legends, paid out a total prize pool of $20 million.

Here’s how the top 4 spots got on:

1st – $9,139,002
2nd – $3,427,126
3rd – $2,180,898
4th – $1,453,932

(Resource: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League_of_Legends_World_Championship)
As you can see. The new era is breeding a huge rise in e-sports gaming and with it comes massive prize payouts.

See more in the vid below:

Sea Fishing Tips For Beginners

deep sea fishing

These sea fishing tips are tried and tested and have been very kindly provided via an interview with experienced skipper Brian from Deep sea fishing gold coast

Depending on what kind of sea fishing you plan to do, following these tips should help in pulling in the big ones. The bait, the tackle, and the timing of ocean fishing have all in the world to do with catching deep sea fish.

charter fishing

Make sure the rod isn’t made cheap bar metal. The restaurant you choose needs to be saltwater resistant and sturdy. Remember that the ocean provides fish a lot more time and distance to pull. Make sure you pick the right line because some ocean fish do have a bite, and teeth to go with it and severing a fisherman’s line would be no problem.

The bait and strength of line you’ll use in ocean fishing depends on what kind of fish you want to catch. If you want to get a White Sea Bass, try squid on the line, or if you would rather have Calico Bass, you’ll need a chum line with the cut or live bait. If you out there want to catch a few Sheephead, use shrimp or live bait and make you have at least a 20 test line because Sheephead is toothy. Barracudas are another fish with a bite and like anchovies and other small fish.

Albacore Tuna are a favorite fish for catching and eating. You would need at least a 30-pound test line for Albacore, and anchovies or sardines are a choice bait. Another popular fish in ocean fishing is the Lingcod. These are fish with a mouth full of teeth, too, and eat shrimp, crabs, and mollusks. Lures that are silver and shiny work well for these fish, but shrimp works well, too.

Sports Betting – The Ultimate Guide


What do Football, cricket and basketball all have in common? They are all sports and you can bet on each and every one of them. Even minor sports you can bet on. If it’s a sport, you can bet there is someone betting on it.

Sports betting can be broken down into four basics

1. Bookmakers- which is the most popular choice, you can meet them online or in a betting shop. It’s the go to for anyone who wants to bet. There are numerous online bookmakers like Sbobet and William Hill.

2. Spread betting- has been growing in popularity recently especially with those educated in risk undertaking. Spread betting is a two-way street as while you do place your bet you are also accepting a counter bet from spread betting.

3. Betting Exchange- One of the oldest forms of betting. You do it most of the time without even thinking about it. Example when two friends make a bet on the outcome of a sporting event. The loser pays the winner. Simple. This concept has been taken a step further and can even be done online at certain sites.

4. Tote (pool betting)- this is where a bet has already been made and you pay to enter either side of the bet. If you bet on the right prediction you and many other win and the same goes for if you lose.

Every sport has its own unique way of betting. You can bet on the outcome of the match; you can bet on which player may score the most goals or you can even bet on who takes the championship.

Depending on which sports your betting on you the potential to win big or lose big. The best options are to pick a betting system you can feel at ease with and pick a sport you have some knowledge on.

The most important thing in sports betting is not over doing it. Sports betting is unpredictable and anything can happen so exercise caution when gambling for that big cash pot.

GPS Vs Laser Rangefinders – The Great Golf Debate!

golf gps

The following outlines the benefits of both golf GPS and laser rangefinders, exemplifying their assistance. Regardless of which type of yardage tool you use, they can give you an accurate meter reading of distance, but they follow various design concepts that can be both good and bad.

How a Rangefinder Works

As compared to GPS, range finders are different animals. Range finders are optical devices which are fundamentally a hybrid between a laser gun, such as the ones used by highway patrol to evaluate the speed of a driver, and a set of binoculars. The optical system, just like a rifle scope, enables you to lock onto an place that you want to measure the yardage for (for example a bunker in front of the green). The range finder beams a ‘safe for the eyes’ laser on your place while measuring the time that it takes for the laser of the rangefinder to bounce off your target and reflect back over to the rangefinder. The system counts at this delay between firing and returning to measure the distance.


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Learning How a Golf GPS Unit Functions

Simply put, golf GPS units just use the same satellite based mapping device. It transmits with positioning satellites in orbit to get an accurate assessment of where you are on the globe and then it uses previous objects on the course to provide you an precise measurement of the yardage from yourself to other significant locations near you.

Some of the Advantages of Golf GPS Systems

You don’t need to aim a device at your target area to get an accurate reading. The GPS can work at measuring yardages for targets which hidden from view to you, such as places behind elevated green or places you can’t see because of a tree. Also, you don’t have to have a perfectly steady hand or accurate eye to need to aim a GPS unit like you have to with a range finder.

range finder1

Some Advantages of Laser Range Finders for Golfers

You’ll be able to zoom up to 7x closer with current range finder models. This will not only aid you for when you are measuring your object with the laser, but also for spotting subtleties in the landing areas.

If there’s some obstacle you would rather avoid far away that’s too far to see just by yourself, but you want to miss, a rangefinder can allow you to take a closer look. If you use a rangefinder a rangefinder you will be able to easily spot it and then play safely to the other side of the green – giving you the option of a more makeable putt. Another advantage to consider is the rangefinder can also be used on the driving range when you want to determine how far you hit with all of your irons and fairway woods.

Get To Know The Best Shoulder Workout

shoulder workouts

When you want big shoulder muscles, you have to take into consideration that your shoulders are connected to two of the most flexible joints in your body. Your shoulders support the humerus bones that power your biceps and triceps. These bones have one weakness, the joints that connect to the clavicle and scapula.

Your shoulder joints must be protected at all times when working on the shoulder and back muscles. You’ll want to strengthen the muscles that support these bones along with the deltoids when working out your shoulder routine.

Work your trapezius, rhomboids, supraspinatus and teres major to support the scapula. This will give your rotator-cuff muscles increased strength for lifting and turning weights. The rotator cuff ligaments will be spared the additional stress as you develop these smaller muscles of the upper back.

If you are just starting, get your upper back muscles accustom to resistance exercise by doing bodyweight workouts such as push-ups and hand stands. Use lighter weights and perform internal and external shoulder rotation exercises.

body weight workouts

As you advance, to intermediate level, use bench presses and upright rows to increase your size and strength in your shoulders and upper back. Many beginning gym rats go straight for the weights in the start of their training and find that they over-train their shoulder muscles and injure their rotator cuff. When starting out, always aim to build strength and flexibility in your muscles with bodyweight exercises.

As you advance, go for the barbell and dumbbell presses. Try the hanging high pull for explosive power in your upper body workout. Be careful to use proper form and again, keep the weight at a safe level. There is no need to push your deltoids to a point of stressing your ligaments or injure your rotator cuffs.

In a nutshell, you will be far better off if you think of your weight training in progressive stages. You will lift a weight to either warm up, acclimate your muscles to prepare for a heavier load to come and finally, to lift a heavy load to muscle failure. If you think of your sets as having one of those three goals, you will be able to avoid injury and safely manage the weights.You will find weight training much more enjoyable and you shoulders will get bigger faster when you practice safe lifting.

Additionally, just remember that nutrition plays a vital role in adding lean muscle to your body as well. I hope this article helps you to understand by picking the right exercise routine. You will see results much quicker. Just consider starting with compound movements first.

Top Tips To Maintain Flexibility


A major enemy of flexibility is aging. You may think that flexibility is not such a big deal to older people, but the truth is you don’t have to simply give in. Your body is not static any more than is your own. Aging changes the elasticity of muscles and joint tendons. Unless you help yours fight back, time itself will make it harder for you to bend, stretch and reach. You will also become increasingly vulnerable to injuries. Therefore there is necessity to maintain your flexibility

Challenges to Flexibility

It is a painful condition that robs yourself of the ability to enjoy many simple pleasures, such as a morning walk jumping and other exercise.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to help you maintain your flexibility. Stretching exercises can help you maintain your strength and range of motion. Here is one simple exercise you can perform to help you work out effectively

Practice bending

Forward bending. Stand straight with both legs together. gradually raise both your hands. Twist forward and attempt and touch your feet. Bend only till a comfortable position. Maintain this position for a few moments. Get back to the start position. As one does this daily you can see that the range of bending slowly increases.
Backward bending. Stand straight with both your legs together. gradually raise both your hands. Twist in reverse as much as you can to an agreeable position. Keep up this position for a few moments. Return to original position.
Side bending. Stand straight with your legs apart. Now raise your hands, bend at the sidewards and curl the hand on the opposite side over your head. Maintain this position for a few moments. Repeat with the opposite side.

Practice Hamstring stretch

Stand straight with both your legs together. Now try and bend your leg at the knee, grasp your foot with your hands and press it to the buttocks. Repeat with the other leg also.

For further flexibility workouts follow these guides.